Dear the pro-Palestine lobby: you are ignorant and brainwashed.

Monica S
5 min readJan 23, 2024

Human beings are meant to be the most evolved and intelligent species on the planet, but much of the actions and behaviour of humanity really puts that notion into question, such as the masses who vote for and are influenced by corrupt and despicable leaders to those that are filled with so much hate for minorities they don’t understand.

You would think that after countless pogroms and genocides of the Jewish people, especially the Holocaust that happened not even a hundred years ago, that much of the world would have learnt! Despicably many still support genocide of the Jewish people especially after the events of October 7th 2023 where innocent Israelis were brutally murdered, tortured and held hostage by terrorist organization Hamas. The crimes that Hamas has committed are some of the most despicable and shocking in modern history! Yet many in the world choose to turn a blind eye and support Hamas. The people who don’t care about the genocide, torture and kidnapping of the Israeli people; you are on the same par as the Nazis who supported Hitler. This parallel is truly sickening. What a sick and disgusting world we live in.

Of course the pro-Palestine lobby flip it round and accuse Israel of commiting genocide but like with any radical group or ideology, the pro-Palestine lobby spreads lies and propaganda. Accusing Israel of genocide is no different to the Nazis accusing Jews of controlling banks and the media, or the Catholic Church accusing Jews of killing Christ and babies (as much as I despise the Catholic Church, at least they set the record straight on these false claims and admitted they weren’t true). It’s all lies.

Israel is targeting Hamas, not civilians as the brainwashed pro-Palestine lobby are led to believe. It’s Hamas who are using their own people as human shields by deliberately building their headquarters under a hospital and allowing their own people to starve whilst they blow all their money on weapons to destroy Israel. Hamas shows no mercy for their own kind! They purposely and cruelly use tactics like building headquarters under a hospital so that the world will point their fingers at Israel when they target the headquarters. Israel gave the Palestinian people notice to evacuate the hospital so innocent people wouldn’t get killed in the attack on Hamas. Yeah that’s really how a nation that has been accused of genocide behaves.

Everybody cries for the innocent Palestinian people who die in the conflict that their own corrupt and evil leaders have created, but the world doesn’t cry for the innocent Israelis that have been brutally slaughtered by Hamas and killed in the conflict. People seem to forget that Israel didn’t start this war. Most of the pro-Palestine lobby are so stupid they don’t know the facts.

A while ago, I read a Daily Mail article where some students at a pro-Palestine rally in London were interviewed by reporters. Shockingly the students interviewed at the rally didn’t actually know anything about the situation or even what happened on October 7th! One of them admitted they “needed to be more clued up.” Others at the rally thought that Hamas were freedom fighters and a political organization, not a terrorist organization.

Even school students from all over the world have taken part in walkouts to protest against Israel and many university students are ardently pro-Palestine. It seems to me that the hatred for Israel comes from younger people. It’s clear that schools and universities aren’t doing much of a job in educating students. A particular comment from an article I read addressing the lack of ignorance of the pro-Palestine lobby really struck me. “That’s what happens when you pay $200,000 for a college degree, but all you do is party and scroll on TikTok or Instagram.”

I couldn’t agree more with the person who said this! The younger generation is more stupid than ever thanks to a lower standard of education and the cult worship of social media platforms that tend to spread false information. These are the same people that believed the lies about the COVID vaccine spread all over social media. People treat what social media influencers have to say as gospel. In their eyes, these influencers have more credibility than qualified experts. It’s not hard to see how the Germans were influenced by the Nazis. The fact that this generation shares the same mindset is truly terrifying.

What is it with people buying into these extremist ideologies?? The anti-Israel lobby isn’t the only extreme ideology. Just look at the millions of young boys and men influenced and brainwashed by sexist ideology instigated by dangerous people like Andrew Tate, and the young people recruited by terrorist groups like ISIS. An increasing number of young women are also being brainwashed into reverting to traditional and oppressive 1950’s gender roles and expectations known as the Trad Wife movement. Although seemingly innocent, the ideology behind it is dark and scary.

It seems that young people have lost the ability to think for themselves. Young people are supposed to be the future, but I truly dread the future with the youth of today. A youth that may be “educated” on paper but have nothing much going on up there. A youth that supports causes and ideologies because they’re “fashionable” and is unable to discern fact from lie.

Listen up pro-Pallies. It’s time to wake up and face up to your ignorance. Let’s get a few facts straight. Israel is not an apartheid state nor are they committing genocide. An apartheid state doesn’t give equal opportunities to Jews, Arabs and Christians. Arabs and Christians have the same rights and opportunities as Jews. In fact most of them coexist perfectly happily together. All signs are in Hebrew, Arabic and English. An apartheid state doesn’t take into account the needs of the needs of the people they’re supposed to be oppressing.

Israel is the most tolerant country in the Middle East with rights for women and the LGBT community. Many Muslim countries treat women like second class citizens and openly persecute those with other religions or who are LGBT. Why don’t you protest about the abuse of women’s rights and freedom in Afghanistan, or the modern day slavery that goes in in rich Arab countries like Qatar and The United Arab Emirates? Of course you’re too ignorant and uneducated about any world issues and these human rights issues are not “fashionable.”

You accuse Israel of genocide, but yet you support the abolition of Israel. In your eyes Israel has no right to defend itself. The world didn’t have a problem with Ukraine defending itself against Russia, but they had a problem with Israel defending itself from a terrorist organization that started the war in the first place. Nobody cried about the civilians being killed in Ukraine during the war, but it seems like the Palestinian civilians are the ones that matters- no others victims of war matter. You are no different to the Nazis. You supporting Hamas is no different to the Germans supporting Hitler.

I believe that the reason the world doesn’t learn from history is because people are ignorant about history in the first place (and/or they simply don’t care). It’s never too late to change and realize your own stupidity. Your ignorance and hate is part of what makes the world a dark and scary place. The world would be a much better place if ignorance was replaced with knowledge and hate with love.



Monica S

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